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This plant is botanically known as Artemisia pallens, Davana is a member of the daisy family of Asteraceae. Regionally called as davanam in Tamil and Davana in Kannada. The essential oil of Davana is extracted by  steam distillation method. Davana Essential Oil possesses a rich, fruity, slightly woody aroma. It is appreciated and used within natural fragrance applications. It is an aromatically versatile oil that blends well with essential oils in the wood, spice, resin, floral and citrus families. It is widely used in Ayurveda medicine system.


Therapeutic Use:

  •  Anti-depressant.

  •  Anti-septic.

  •  Anti-viral.

  •  Anti-microbial.

  •  Anti-fungal.

  • Anti-spasmodic 

  •  Menorrhagia action

  •  Anti-bacterial.

  •  Anti-rheumatic.

  •  Sedative action.


  • Antimicrobial – oil and solution.

  • Cosmetics (Sprayer)- bacteria free from home, car, office etc.

  • Aromatic agent- mood enhance and flavor enhance (scent).

  • Drugs - Vermifuge and insect repellent products.

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