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Essential oils in Skincare

Having given an introduction on what is an essential oil in our previous posts it is time to delve into one of the most frequently asked questions which is how to use essential oils in skincare. While it is true that essential oils are a major ingredient in most major skincare products , it has to be noted that they are used in very small quantities by blending a mix of essential oils with a suitable substrate.

Any application of essential oils directly on the skin has a greater chance of causing irritation and discomfort due to their pH levels. Even though these essential oils are natural and organic indiscriminate use can invite problems of their own. Particularly citrus and menthol based essential oils should be avoided from directly applying on the skin.

How to use essential oils for Skin care?

Though improper use can cause un unwanted when used properly essential oils do have wonderful benefits in skincare. Of particular interest are Tea tree , lavender , vetiver and rosemary oils which have unique properties helpful in skin care. Some benefits of these oils are,

  • Essential oils have unique anti ageing properties.

  • Some oils like lemon grass are rich in vitamin A.

  • Tea tree oil when diluted has the ability to fight acne.

  • They are also wonderful pain relievers.

  • Rose oil helps in moistourizing dry skin.

  • They also help in skin regeneration.

To gain maximum benefits from essential oils they have to be blended with other cold pressed oils like coconut oil. Also on e should identify weather their skin is oily or dry before trying out particular essential oils.

Keep following our blog to further read posts detailing methods to put essential oil to achieve wellbeing.

It is generally advised to apply a diluted oil formulation in a small area of skin to check for any allergies before proceeding . If there is any discomfort further application should be stopped until consulted with a physician.

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