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What are essential oils?

Essential oils are generally concentrated volatile liquids extracted from plants and trees.These organic compounds are not only extracted from leaves but also from other parts of a plant.For instance,Vetiver oil is extracted from the roots of vetiver and in case of turmeric it is extracted from leaves as well as roots.

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils:

Essential oils, previously had a welcoming attention for only those involved in and related to the field of essential whereas it is receiving an increasing attention among the general public nowadays.One of the major reasons for this is the significant advancements in aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy also known as oil therapy is a pseudoscience that relates to holistic healing treatment involving the usage of essential oils and sometimes other organic compounds.Aromatherapy is not only concerned with the healing of physical health but also ensures a blossoming mental health.

Essential oils,each having its own features and potential, can be put into varied healing purposes.In this perspective, the use of essential oils through aromatherapy takes various forms. Some of them are

  • Humidifier : A device to humidify or keep the room moist

  • Bath salts : A drug designed for recreation in the form of crystals/salts

  • Body lotion : A moisturizing lotion that is available for different types of skin

  • Face masks : A sheet of mask to enrich the properties of facial skin

  • Diffuser : An attachment designed to diffuse or spread air flow

  • Massage : Kneading and pummeling of muscles and joints

Essential Oil and their properties:

As discussed earlier, each essential oil has its own properties and characteristics. A brief note on a few of them is as discussed below

Rosemary : Improves blood circulation and reduces joint inflammation

Lemon grass : Possesses anti fungal,anti bacterial properties and eases nausea

Vetiver : Possesses anti oxidants and removes acne

Dhavana : With antidepressant properties,it is a relaxing oil

Basil : Treats bronchitis,coughs and fatigue

Clove : Relieves toothache and digestion upset

Turmeric : Reduces body hair growth,improves skin complexion,anti bacterial

Citronella : Flavor additive,lifts mood and promotes wound healing

Patchouli : Treats hair and skin problems and treats appetite

Eucalyptus : Disinfects wounds and freshens breathing.

With the raising knowledge and improved research in essential oils, it has proved to be of significant raw material and a base component of cosmetics,perfumes and fragrance products,medicine,bath and cleaning agents,disinfectants,fertilizers,etc.

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